Little Girl Lost

I have been feeling a little lost in the blogging world lately. I cannot seem to find inspiration for my posts and I need out of my funk!

So, I need your help. I need your comments and you thoughts to help get me motivated! What do you guys want to see on my blog?


  1. I'd love to see more of the spaces you designed.

  2. I've definitely been there - I love all your postings! Just blog whatever you are feeling that day, it is always great to see!

  3. Post on what gets you excited or things that you love...if it's a fabulous chair, post that or maybe it's a quote that really touched you ... post your passions.

    xxx Dj
    ps love that photo, do you know anything about it?

  4. your probably busy! thats when i have a hard time posting. i'd say look thorugh some old favorite mags and Im sure something will come! post what you love, others will too! :-)


  5. Maybe its time we get moving on my bedroom project that you so graciously offered to help with... thats 2 posts right there :) Plus in a couple weeks it will be your 2nd wedding anniversary. Surely you can draw some inspiration from your beautiful wedding. Right?

  6. Red carpet rooms... I agree.. LOVE when you do that!

    Also, we all feel like that sometimes. It gets repetitive and boring every so often

  7. Sketch - Its TRUE! Sometimes I am at the computer all day and I do not want to be back on the computer that night!

    Thank you everyone.


    Rebecca June