Matteo Monday

I have been talking about getting new bedding for awhile now, and I know I have told you guys that I am looking to re-do it in Matteo. Matteos philosophy is "to create simple sheets from the most luxurious fabrics in the world." I mean, who doesn't like the idea of super soft linen sheets? The other bonus, your bed looking just as beautiful un-made, as made. (I tend to slack in the bed making dept!) Not to mention, anything that comes out of this building has to be good!

Above Pictures via LA Times

Below are a few of my top contenders...

The Vintage Linen sheets

I am so drawn to the Hammock Shams. They call to me for some reason, but I cannot stop staring at them.

Another item that you have to see in person to understand. The Tat shams and duvet. The perfect 'me' ruffle. Not prissy, and completely worn in and torn up. I will probably do this in the color Coal though...gray perfection.
All Pictures via Matteo