Since seeing Megan Mullalys home in Elle Decor this month I cannot seem to get it out of my mind.
I loved almost everything, but I do have to tell you that I did not care for any of the Kitchen or Master Bath cabinetry. It looked like bad particle board. It was SO ugly, I did not even include those pictures.

Clean lines and zebra.

A horse print...a favorite of mine.

The rock crystal chandelier that is to die for.

The view and the pool to die for.

All Pictures via Elle Decor


  1. I loved it, too! The dining room was my fave.

  2. Beautiful. Equestrian art and suzanis can't go wrong.

  3. I just saw this over at The Goods Design, too. You two ladies have GREAT taste.

  4. Did you see the crate she has for her dogs? Its amazing. I constantly battle with the hideous metal contraption I have for Ziggy, but her dogs' crate is so cute that I wouldn't mind keeping it right in my living room! That is going to be my next purchase for sure.

  5. Great minds do think alike! I think we both love it so much because it's got the open, crisp, chic Southern California vibe. We definitely have to try and meet up soon!